Thoughts on the Rise of the Dark Knight

*Will contain spoilers. You have been warned. 

I shed tears at the end of the movie.

I’m serious, there is my review of the Dark Knight Rises. That’s all you need to know. It was such a moving movie to me that I shed man tears at the scene where *supposedly* our hero dies. It was just that awesome!

Now other than a very, very gorgeous Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (Catwoman); this movie I felt was a little fast. It seemed that Nolan and company wanted to cram as much stuff into the last movie of the trilogy as possible. I felt the first one (Batman Begins) and second (The Dark Knight) were evenly paced. Not slow that it bored the audiences but “fast enough” to keep us guessing what was going to happen next.

Speed of the movie on the side, I sincerely believe that it was a good ending of the trilogy. Good way for Christian Bale’s Batman to bow out and make room for the next team to create their own Batman. From what I’ve read online, Nolan has stated that this is his last foray into the Batman mythology. If it is even 80% true, I believe that’s a good policy; what Nolan has done for Batman is the best thing next to the invention of sliced bread. Gone and done away were the cheesy and campy interpretations of Batman of yesteryears (Joel Schumacher anyone?) and in with something…more real. More poetic, more dark, more relatable, more human…

The way Batman should have been, in my opinion.

I’ve always had an affinity with Batman. Not so much growing up, but like with the majority of the populace, the movie Batman Begins really began (pun intended) my interest in Batman. That and with JWS’s regular superhero metaphors in teaching Aikido, you can say that Batman really took off for me.

This last of the trilogy really struck a cord with me.


My train of thought went something like this: I’ve always been the “sideline guy”; the guy who sat in the audience afraid to be the player in the game below. You see I was always afraid; afraid to lose, afraid to make a fool out of myself, afraid that I would  *grasp* fail.

But also you see, this was not natural for me. Not natural. More and more, I feel that this overpowering fear was not innate. No, instead it begins to feel that I was taught this. Yes, I was taught to be fearful. I was taught to be a “sideline guy”, to be a bench warmer, to be someone who feared other people’s views on me.

The list is long and quite frankly, depressing. But instead of depressing you I will instead become the leader that is inside me – the leader that I am. The great shining beacon that will guide me to my purposeful, positive position among society.

Let us all this year rise above our weaknesses and past tragedies. Let this message ring through the inter-webs for all of you. Let this year be the year we, like the Dark Knight, rise above all of our past troubles and chains, to better levels of ourselves. Let us rise above our obstacles, shed our past selfs, and let our true selves, the heroes that we are come into being.


Perhaps this is the year where we all find our inner “Dark Knight”, or at least allow it to come to surface. We may not have the gadgets, money, cape and cowl, and the ladies – but perhaps we could rise to new levels of actualization.

Like most fans I was perplexed by the weird title of the movie when, after seeing it our hero obviously “dies”. But now perhaps in death there is life; a new life, a better one.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Rise of the Dark Knight

  1. Batman may be dead but Bruce Wayne lived on. The scene at the the end…Bruce, Selina, and Alfred at the cafe. Nice way to end it. They also left things open for a Nightwing series.

    My biggest complaint was Cat Woman doing martial arts in high heels. Oh well. Given it was Anne Hathaway I am willing to suspend my judgement.



    1. Actually, now that you mention it it’d be a great way to somehow introduce the Battle for the Cowl storyline. Can you imagine how badass it would be to see three Robins fighting over the title of Batman on the big screen? Or maybe they could follow what marvel did, follow up with some Wonder Woman and Flash movies and then make a Justice League movie :O

    1. I hope they make a live action movie of tower of babel after they do the justice league movie then! Check it out if you haven’t already Drew. It’s the one when Batman (indirectly) takes out the entire Justice League.

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