Brief Drop-In

It’s 1:30am now and I’m suppose to be at the dojo in 8 hours to meet up for a demo that I set up for the school to perform at an Art and Wine festival that I’ve never been to and that I’m having second thoughts on because I went to a similar festival last weekend with a female friend of mine and realized that the population that this type of festival caters to is most likely NOT of the martial arts type.


Oh well, as in Aikido we say “Whatever.”. It’s called life ukemi.

I would also like to mention that I drank a cup of pure roasted Arabian coffee (straight, no sugar) at 9pm, 4.5 hours ago and at the moment, my mind is flying at 200 mph+ with nothing to do in my room but maybe a few exercises.

Student Teaching is in its 3 week (knocks on wood) and my solo teaching episodes are only going to increase. So for the past 3 hours I’ve been in a titanic battle between my caffeine high and preparing next weeks lessons.

Son of a…

Good luck to me. Over and out.


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