Old Files: You know you train in Aikido when… (Part One)

I want this!

*As provided by my Aikido friends from Facebook. 

1.] When somebody hands you a beer and you iriminage him and the beer into the ground.

2.] When someone pats you on the back/shoulder and you sankyo their hand off

3.] When a handshake turns into a kotegaeshi and a high fall for the person offering.

4.] When some grabs you from behind and you transition into to yonkyo

5.] When you’re salsa dancing and after you finish dancing with your partner you bow to them (true story!)

6.] When you look at a narrow hallway in a house and you think how well you can do a roll w/o hitting the walls on either side.

7.] Whenever you’re talking to a friend/girlfriend/adult and you say “Hai!” whenever you come to an agreement on something.

8.] When…in fact “Hai” has become to word of choice for responding to any inquires you might get on a daily basis.

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