One Test down, 20,000 more to Go

If doing homework was this easy, I wouldn’t be in school!

Turned in my first term paper for my teaching program. One more to go. Am about 1/3 through my teaching apprenticeship, two more months to go. The hardest part has yet to come though so it’ll be a long and hard 2 months.

I’m come to realize and remember just how much I hated school growing up; how much the system was such a stifling environment for me. Wait, hated is a strong word; school was a dissatisfying time for me. A morbid period filled with melancholy and depression. A place where my light was stifled. It was bearable later – but it was just that: bearable.

I realize now what my place is in a school.

I promise that I’m not dead. Not yet anyway, I’ve just been swamped. Training has ceased and it seems all I have time is to teach. 


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