November 21, 2012: Thanksgiving

I’ve always had a shitty Thanksgiving – excuse my language. But it seemed that I couldn’t find anything to be thankful all these years. It was hard, not hard in the sense that I didn’t want to be thankful, it was just I was surrounded by so many contradictions in my life it was hard to pick out what  – and who – was truly genuine.

But it seems that along with last year, I’ve finally found something worth being thankful for – other than having a roof over my head that would otherwise have me scrambling to find a roof over my head and I wouldn’t be able to write a blog for all of you loyal readers of mine.

So without further ado, there is a shortlist (not everything!) of what I’ve thankful for:

1.) A roof over head, regardless of who’s in charge.

2.) The fact that I can feel what and who I am as a person clearer and with a clarity that I have never experienced before.

3.) The few great friends that I have in my life at this point.

4.) My renewed sense that I need to have goals in life and am in the process of developing them (to be announced in the future).

5.) My sense of action – my detest of inaction and apathy and my path to becoming a “man of action”.

6.) And for once, I am thankful that I have a sense of what my future could be like.

7.) Aikido (explanation not needed)

That’s it for now; Happy Thanksgiving to all regardless of country or culture of origin. I’m Chinese so my family historically has never fully understood the whole thing about having a turkey. Cultures from Asia have never seen or heard of a turkey until the immigrants came to the USA in the 1800s! So enjoy your meal and count your blessings, regardless of how small or personal they may be. It is my hope that even though my “thanks” do not extend to other people that but helping myself, I will change my world – and world at large.


One thought on “November 21, 2012: Thanksgiving

  1. What an amazing post, amazing quote and sick tune. You’re not alone – my wife often jokes that if it wasn’t for my online life I wouldn’t have one at all. That’s just due to the nature of my business – but know that you’re surrounded by good people. BIG UP!

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