November 23, 2012: Black Friday Blues

So in about 11 hours I will joining my comrades in beating back the horde of zombies working my black friday shift at my retail job. Last year I had the opening shift, man my best friends were Red Bull, Monster, and the occasional hot chick that came up to the register. This year I will have the closing shift and hopefully a quiet-er time at the counter.

Oh and I will be wearing a suit. Great

Thanksgiving I spent alone. True to what I said in the previous post I chose to stay away from my folks this holiday season. I know it’s inconsiderate and even cold to avoid the family at such an “important” time of the year. But let me explain that I haven’t stated the history that I have with my family and how…depressing it is to be around them (“draining” doesn’t even cut it). And as the picture in the last post stated It’s better to be alone than be with the wrong people.

I chose to be alone. And alone I was. I found myself wishing that I had a group to go, to at least put some action in my day. But actually I had to complete some school work anyway – which I’m still doing at 1:25am!

All right some work done and then to sleep – and then to work!


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