Dec 12, 2012: Fighting Negativity

full_davidgoliathFighting negativity is a constant battle – one that needs to be won and one that I can’t stop thinking about it.

I can’t stop pushing myself, I can’t stop looking at negativity in the eye and saying “Is that all you got?”, giving negativity a dose of its own medicine.

The joy of hitting negativity back two, three, four fold is exhilarating. There’s nothing like it. The weird thing is that for me, negativity is always coming back for more. It’s an old enemy, one that once has a control over me.

I need to push through the barriers. Or alternatively, absorb the negativity into your positive being. Then its foul influence would be neutralized. This battle with negativity is ongoing and tiring, but it’s a war that I’m willing to wage in order to achieve my dreams and become who I am.

I’m starting to see what they really mean by the statement:

“Your worst enemy is yourself.”

Negativity bites, and has no place in my path in life. It shouldn’t in anyone’s.


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