Life is A lot like…

Nike Shoes…shopping for shoes

I said it. Life is a lot like shopping for shoes. So this year I’ve decided to be get out of my comfort zone and get a pair of casual shoes.

By casual I mean not a shoe that is meant for running by default. I had several criteria that I had followed.

  1. Had to be not a running shoe.
  2. Had to be one that didn’t have the “engineer” look. I live in Silicon Valley with a large population of engineers and I’ve noticed the profession tends to favor cross trainers or running shoes as their everyday shoe.
  3. And it had to be something remarkably different from what I’m use to in my past.

Call this “putting on” a new set of shoes. I went through five pairs of shoes before I came to the one that is pictured above. It was rather interesting going through all those pairs of shoes; I felt like I was Edison going through all those materials trying to find which one could conduct electricity for his lightbulb. It was after the third pair did I have an epiphany: we go through life testing out what feels right. Oftentimes we have to go through several pairs of whatever in order to get to that one pair that fits us. The process is absolutely maddening; I guess in a larger context finding these pairs of shoes is much like trying out something new and foreign.

In my case it was something new and foreign. I had never worn casual shoes ever in my life I had never taken the plunge if you will in order to find a shoe that wasn’t a running shoe. I had the list of things that I wanted as shown in the list above. But still finding a casual shoe was something completely foreign to me and I was on my own.

My point here is that in life we must consistently and constantly seek to go outside our comfort zone. In doing so sometimes trial and error is the only way to discover what fits us – even if it means going through 4 or 5 pairs and annoying the hell out of several patrons! It is my hope when I move out of my current residence that I do not have to go through this many trials and errors!


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