Skyfall Review + Thoughts


So today, Skyfall has just been announced as the highest grossing James Bond film of “all time”  (ABC article by Christine Ng). On the James Bond Facebook page, it was also stated it was also the highest grossing film in the UK’s history.

So I find it appropriate that I put up a review of my own since I’ve been having the movie’s theme song playing on repeat for several days now.



Being more “personal revenge” film rather than going against criminals with outlandish “taking over the world” schemes, I like the change of plot – an ex-Mi6 agent goes on the revenge path against M (Judi Dench) for abandoning him to the Chinese. Bond becomes the only agent capable of defeating this death defying badass. Along the way, the audience is taken purposefully through a “time travel” through Bond’s past both in the film’s franchise and in his personal history.

We are given a more or less complete picture of Bond’s upbringing and the broken, fractured man behind the “00”.

All of this is done beautifully without the rush that characterized most films nowadays. Even The Dark Knight Rises as much as I liked it felt rushed, as if trying to cram as much information as possible in its almost 3 hour time slot.

Javier Bardem is an awesome villian. There is no “fluff” to distract the audience from  his purposefully unhinged yet calculated sadistic mind. As I’m writing this, I find the similarities between him and Heath Ledger’s Joker uncanny.

Although I’m sad to see Judi Dench’s M go, I’m looking forward to Ralph Finnes’s M. Having a superficial knowledge of his work, I feel that he’s a great choice to led the Bond in upcoming films. The end scene is nice touch – for those Bond fanatics, it’s the same exact layout at the office during the Roger Moore days.


Though I love the throwbacks to the age of Sean Connery (the Aston Martin DB5 complete with machine guns and ejector seat, Scotland reference, etc.), what really drew me into the story were two things:

  1. The background of the man
  2. And the theme song by Adele

Call me a film snob, but I’ve also been into characters’ backgrounds. Knowing what makes them tick and such. Why are they the people who they are; what happened to them that makes them who they are. We find out during a few points in the film that Bond had a traumatic childhood with some abuse sprinkled in there (perhaps by the parents?). For those of you who remember Casino Royale, the conversation between Vesper (brought to life by the beautiful Eva Green) revealed that he didn’t come from money and had to fight his way up the social ladder – among other things.

As for the song – I don’t how to describe it, but there’s something personal about the song. Perhaps it so eloquently describes the fractured man and his journey of homecoming in the film. I find myself drawn to its message – whatever that may be.

In any case, I recommend the film. Now without further ado, here’s the song that I’ve listening for the past few days.

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