Starting off the New Year

This was the view that my friends and I had for most of the night. Photo credit belongs to my friend.

…by going to a rave!

I had never been to one when my friend asked me to go some months back I though “why the hell not?”. Thus I came with him, his girlfriend, and two other friends to the Oracle Coliseum. There we were greeted by some 10,000 ravers from all over the Bay Area.

Those in attendance looked like they came straight from the Las Vegas strip/Anime expo; I saw many costumes from both sexes – bikini-like wear from the ladies and random stuff from the fellas.

My friends and I just came in normal clothes, but that didn’t stop us from having fun:

  • My friend put on a show for us by dancing with glow sticks.
  • Saw a bunch of other friends while at the event. Probably saw at least 7 others that I knew.
  • The smell of pot mixed in with the sweat and heat of 10,000 people, cigarette smoke, alcohol, and fireworks

Afterward, we went to a hotel room that my friend rented out for the night. In between one of the guys crying out for ramen at 3am, drinking, and other forms of crazy shenanigans; it was fun times just hanging out with friends where I’d otherwise be stuck at home.

Eventually we slept at 6 am only to wake up and 5 hours later to eat breakfast/lunch. All in all, a great way to welcome the new year!

Here’s one of the songs that was played during the concert, Disarm Yourself by Dash Berlin.


And with parting words from a great captain…



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