MBTI Blues


MBTI as great as it is, am beginning to think is as fidgety as some claim to be. I asked for a test from my university career center and I got ISTP recently. Here’s the breakdown:

  • I – Clear
  • S – Slight
  • T – Slight
  • P – Moderate

Unlike the typical test where you’d have a percentage of how much of which aspect you were (25% N, 75% S for example), this test just told me which aspect was slight, moderate, clear, very clear. There are still aspects of myself which still don’t coincide with what a ISTP is, but this is an interesting detour. Here are some facts about an ISTP from Type Logic and Wikipedia.

  1. ISTPs are…difficult to understand in their need for personal space, which in turn has an impact on their relationships with others.
  2. Like most SPs, ISTPs may have trouble with rote and abstract classroom learning, which tend not to be good measures of their actual intelligence.
  3. Naturally quiet people, they are interested in understanding how systems operate, focusing on efficient operation and structure.
  4. ISTPs abhor waste (be it in time, effort, or resources) but are highly adaptable, making them open to new information and approaches
  5. They enjoy exploring new things, and can become bored with repetitiveness and routine.
  6. They can also be closet daredevils who gravitate toward fast-moving or risky hobbies
  7. ISTPs enjoy self-sufficiency and take pride in developing their own solutions to problems.
You have no idea how things I’ve taken apart – and attempted to – as a child. Only to have this go through my head.

Some famous ISTPs include – but aren’t limited to:

  • Bruce Lee
  • Sir Edmund Hillary
  • Charles Bronson
  • Tom Cruise
  • James Dean
  • Clint Eastwood (unconfirmed)

#1,2,5,6, and 7 are definite for me. #2 came out to me like a bowling ball to the face this past 6 months since I was doing the internship at the elementary school that I was in. The experience of having to teach kids stuff reminded me so much of the crap (not literal, but still) that I was learning in school.

Of course, don’t get me wrong – people need to go to school and learn what they need to learn, but just a lot the stuff just passed over my head.

I remember as a kid how easily distracted I was (and still am as an adult) about the little things. Come to think of it I’d make most ADD kids look tame.

The only time I felt at peace was when I will be working on something with my hands. Back in the day, one of my favorite things to build were model battleships. I would easily spend 2 to 3 hours working on one. You can say I went to my “Zen” mode where I worked.

With this information, I’ve only reinforced my need for career change. I guess now I know why I’m rather eccentric at times!


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