Martial Ramblings: A Better way to Practice

The definite book on body languageA new year brings new things, such as something I’d like to try out. I’m calling it “Martial Ramblings”, and it’s really just a segments where I post up things that I find online (or otherwise) that I believe would make my training better off the mat.

A lot of what I plan to post in these segments are themes and things that I find exist in my training in Aikido. I will also be including anything martial art related – movies, humorous pictures, and whatever I see. Without further ado, here is the first martial rambling.

  • Thanks to Rick for this sweet treat. An extremely talented violinist and professor at Cornell University, Dr. Noa Kageyama, Ph.D writes how practice does not make perfect, but rather practice simply “makes permanent”. This was first brought to you via lifehacker.
  • A nice short read from Linkedin regarding the growing gap between knowledge and applied knowledge in today’s hiring processes in the corporate world. Some of you may or may not be involved in this endeavor (I certainly am in some ways) but according to this article:

Applied knowledge can come from experience – having done it before – or from an ability to quickly move from theory to practice. An adaptability that 20 years ago wasn’t as important in business because folks tended to specialize…

I certainly agree since I’ve noticed that I have only begun my career search in such fast paced and turbulent times.

  • Ah! and finally something that talks about something that…is being talked about in Aikido!

I believe it was a UCLA study (by this guy actually) that stated just how much physical language is present in our day-to-day interactions. I say that this is taught in my Aikido training because this is directly tied in to how well our techniques are executed in the moment. This constant training has rather interesting “side effects” that include – but not limited to: feeling more confident in a coffee shop, talking to a professor, talking to elementary schools, disciplining elementary kids, smiling more, the list continues…

This sounds like it could be a post in itself…maybe another day. Anyway, that’s all for now, before I go I’d like to share the last film regarding Ip Man by Wong Kar Wai.

It is aptly named “The Grandmasters”.

By the looks of it: great action movie – little historical substance; for those of us who are more historically inclined that is. Regardless, it looks beautifully choreographed. Plus anything with Zhang Ziyi is worth a watch!


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