Martial Ramblings: Desire vs. Desperation

  • So in this week’s Martial Ramblings: Jackie Chan says that the US is the most corrupt country in the world (article and video courtesy of the Daily Mail – UK).

Video courtesy of The Young Turks

  • I found this interesting segment regarding the difference between the Chinese bodybuilders and the Americans. A short but interesting article (somewhat redundantly written) comparing how the Chinese do it out of desperation rather than desire simply because of the fact that it is their job to train and perform at events such as the Olympics; to not do so would be considered travesty. I can related and understand the position of the Chinese since China politically wants to see itself “come back to the world stage” as a superpower and will do anything to get there – including metaphorically locking their athletes to Halo Spartan like program where their lives revolve around training 14 – 16 hours/day is not unheard of and the athletes themselves are cut off or removed from their families altogether for years at a time (Original article courtesy of Iron Man Magazine).
If the Chinese were like this, then the Americans (and every "white" nation) would sh*tting their pants. Courtesy of the Halo Wikipedia page
If the Chinese were like this, then the Americans (and every “white” nation) would be sh*tting their pants. Courtesy of the Halo Wikipedia page.

In personal martial art news: I completed a demonstration at the local university this past Thursday at their women’s basketball game. During half-time the 3 of us – yep myself (1st Kyu) and two women shodans went at it in a 5 minute wild and merry demonstration in front of an audience that was dare I say underwhelming! I had expected more since the university that we demo-ed at had a women’s basketball team that was ranked pretty high here in the west coast of the USA.

Oh well – oh and yes since I was the token guy in front of everyone, I was the uke for the ladies. I hope I get reimbursed somehow!

Now to finish things off, here is the song that has been going through my head recently. It’s not a music video, but a collection of their performances of the song. Ladies and gents, I present “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia, featuring vocalist John Martin. Enjoy!


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