Solitude can be a Good Teacher

Miyamoto Musashi quote

I just got back from meeting up with a cousin who I haven’t seen in several weeks. It’s funny we only live a few minutes away from each other yet we don’t get to see each other often. We have our own lives but at least it seems that whenever we meet it’s like we’re brothers.

The downside to having few but good friends is that you end up spending a lot of time by yourself, in my case in solitude.

That coupled with strained relations with the parentals and I have a lot of time to myself. In the past I’ve treated this time as almost like a chore and/or a bore. A time to “escape” the realities of life – a break that would eventually end where I would have face the task of getting my life back together again.

But recently it seems that my time in solitude (like right now as I’m writing this at my favorite coffee shop) has granted me something far more worthy than the company of friends.

Time to myself

More specifically, time to myself to reflect on my life.

  • On my past choices…
  • Their consequences
  • My lack of self awareness at that time
  • How Aikido has aided me immensely
  • etc etc etc

Don’t misunderstand me though. Times like these of solitude are not times for me to think, though that does happen.

Instead I will state that they should be times of meditation.

No, no; not that meditation; I’m talking about the type of meditation that you can do anywhere, anytime, any place. In fact as I was driving to this coffee shop the realization of writing this post (and the subsequent message) came to me not 10 minutes before this.

I’ve had countless “epiphanies” because of these times of solitude to myself. Maybe one of these days I will share some of them in here. But for now, what I’ve learned is that time by yourself is a good time and place to reflect upon yourself.

…And in my case, to learn the lessons and choices of my past and to apply those new understandings to my future.

As for my cousin and I, we ended up parting ways – I couldn’t think of anything to do.

*I know that Tom Cruise is not the greatest image of the Japanese way of life, but this is the best audio that I could find. 


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