Find Your Sound; Be Your Sound

The-Big-BangWho looks outside – dreams. Who looks inside – awakens.    ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Regardless of whether it’s Aikido and/or something else, I feel that I need to make it my mission to find my “niche” if I want to be successful and excel in my life – and work my ass off at it. That means that I most likely have to spend some more time being in the lower income bracket.

Definitely something that I’m not excited about, or looking forward to. But if it has to be done, then it has to be done. If it means that 10 years down the line I will be in a much better financial position now, then…hopefully those 10 years will be worth it.


In other news, today in my Toastmaster’s meeting I won a debate! Holy shit I’m proud of myself winning a debate with a much more experienced debater. The topic was “Schools should have armed guards, yes or no?” I was put in the yes side. This debate was made more interesting since I believed that we shouldn’t have armed guards in our schools.

Debates are always great; they’re even greater for someone like me who has never had the chance to be around people who are so damn smart! Among the club members are higher-level VPs, CFOs, middle managers, senior engineers – basically people who I aspire to be.

So first victory; I really don’t show my enthusiasm that well. I guess it was because I was raised to show little of my emotion growing up. It’s weird. Here I am having won my first debate (#6 I believe), yet I’m not…excited?

Anyway different topic; hope you guys are having a great week so far.


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