Martial Discoveries: 47 Gutsy Martial Artists

I feel that my time spent looking up martial art related stuff is coming back nowadays. Like a kick to the head, or being on the receiving end of a Wing Chun chain punch.

Bad attempt at humor; anyway here are my discoveries.


– This article came up and is very interesting. The phrase “Trust your gut” now has scientific merit! Brought to you by Scientific American.

But this new study is the first to extensively evaluate the influence of gut bacteria on the biochemistry and development of the brain. The scientists raised mice lacking normal gut microflora, then compared their behavior, brain chemistry and brain development to mice having normal gut bacteria. The microbe-free animals were more active and, in specific behavioral tests, were less anxious than microbe-colonized mice. In one test of anxiety, animals were given the choice of staying in the relative safety of a dark box, or of venturing into a lighted box. Bacteria-free animals spent significantly more time in the light box than their bacterially colonized litter mates.

A bit confusing, but seriously? Bacteria in the gut and influence – and point the way of your decisions, overriding your brain? Sounds awesome to me! Since of course a lot of what goes on in the dojo is teaching us/me how to ease yourself with your thoughts and be able to “see” with clarity what is actually happening around you. The question I’m asking myself is; so in order to improve my martial arts training, do I have to have next to zero gut bacteria?

– Here’s an interesting read from AskMen regarding mental agility. Usually                       this site is filled with women, things about women, and well…stuff that men should do to better themselves – including attracting women, but I found this article interesting because it pertains to what is being taught in the dojo.

This link between being able to focus and coming up with the right reaction in a moment when you are forced to think on your feet might seem a little abstract, but think about it — if you cannot empty your mind of extraneous detail, then you will probably not be able to concentrate your attentions on the situation at hand. As such, our recommendations for how to become agile, how to deal with off-the-wall, immediately-presented situations, has a lot to do with your ability to quiet the hell down.



– You can package it any way you want, but this great-grandfather of 92 years old still kicks ass (pun intended)!


– So the 47 Ronin is delayed…again? I didn’t even know about this movie until today. So Keanu Reeves is the lead actor? No disrespect to the great Neo, but another white lead in an Asian themed movie. Could Hollywood just get over its Darwinist views and let a brutha take the lead. On a second note, I’m willing to bet $20 that Keanu’s character does NOT die in the movie.



Credit belongs to
Credit belongs to

I instantly thought of my Sensei when I saw this. Too good not to share!


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