Friday Funnies [with a dash of Racism]

In this week’s Funnies:

– Korean American comedian Eliot Chang breaks down and lists in his usual comedic fashion the various funny (and some racist) questions that Asians often get living in the United States. As a first generation American of Chinese descent, I have received at least half of all of the questions that he lists here.


Speaking of borderline racism, I had one of my first encounters of the “Asians are good at math” stereotype. A couple days ago I took my date out to a shooting range nearby. I was asking the cashier how much the bill was and in response, he handed me a calculator and asked me to calculate the price. Realizing this, I promptly gave him back the calculator saying something along the lines of “It’s because I’m Asian, isn’t it?”

The calculator went back and forth several times, with the bastard stating that I should do it. Somewhere along the line I said something like I charge $200 for this. After this he handed the transaction to his Chinese coworker. The guy I’m assuming was either Latino or Middle Eastern (couldn’t tell).

The whole experience left me kind of weird. Now I can be a cheeky bastard at times so it didn’t bother me initially, but after posting this incident on Facebook one of my friends stated I should have gone to the owner and told him that his worker was being a smart-ass and that his behavior is unprofessional. I know some people who would consider this to be blatant racism. That was my first reaction – however upon reflection, this guy was quite capable of doing the transaction by himself (he works there after all) and he just kept on giving me the calculator.

I’m now thinking of heading to that particular range and informing the owner of his behavior. I was not the only Asian there so I can hardly imagine that place having a “racist” atmosphere.


I’m putting that incident in the “Funny” section because there was no other place for it, plus I did approach the situation with a little humor. Otherwise I would have done something physical to that punk. Anyway, to finish off here’s the “Beginner’s guide to California”. I forgot who I got it from but it’s from Facebook.

California for beginners


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