Martial Discoveries: The Reconsiderations

In this weeks martial discoveries:


– Thanks to Things Worth Believing In for this informative find.

An Open Letter to the Martial Arts Community by Ryan Hall (pdf)

This is an extension of my previous post regarding martial art masters and the tendency of many of them to establish “empires of influence”. Even as a student it makes me mull over some of my own choices of martial art schools. Although none of what the things that author cautions us (martial art students) to avoid has occurred to me yet, it’s a good guideline for any possible future excursions deeper into the martial art field.

Bruce Lee_actualize yourself– Also in line with what I covered above is this article by Ken Gullette’s Internal Martial Arts, as I’ve found through this thought from Striking Thoughts (Thanks Bob!). The article from Ken describes some of the things that he has learned from his journey in the internal martial arts through the decades of his training. Some of the points that he made could have been taken from Ryan Hall’s page.


– Great video of Gracie Brothers Rynor and Renner on an incident that happened in New York over this past new year where two members of a BJJ dojo (one world champion) assaulted and raped one of their own: a female new trainee from their own dojo. Thanks for BigWOWO for this find.

I’ll point how it’s funny how the brothers explain to their audience how ideally a dojo should run. Listening to them it reminded me of how Aikido is suppose to be and why it was created by the founder; to have all of the violent movement of Aiki-jujitsu taken out and instead have movements – and practice environment – that promotes peace and harmony among partners, and in the greater context the world.

I did a quick google search and it’s weird that this story (as well as other stories like it!) aren’t picked up by the media in their respective areas. Makes me feel a little awkward since martial arts is still a predominately male dominated sector of society.

– To round off this post, I’d like to present this video that shows that violent video games are NOT an indicator or precursor to violence as presented by The Young Turks. For me personally, I have know this for years since many of my peers growing up have games such as Duke Nukem, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, etc the games that had blood in them and they were the most docile, non-violent students you’d meet. Now I know why I have crappy eye-hand coordination!

Anyway, that’s all for now, till next time!


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