Martial Discoveries: Chinese stuff

Nothing much was discovered this third time around. But I did find a few things:


Bob Wall Enter the Dragon
Yes, this guy.

– Black Belt Magazine just did a piece on Bob Wall, who many of you might recognize as the white dude who was smashed to bits by Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. I found it interesting to read it because honestly – when does one get to read about the people who got beaten to a bloody pulp by the great one himself?


– 5 year old Tai-chi star; looks a little grainy, but still.

– A very recent Wing Chun Documentary. I have to say, this documentary is the most accurate translation wise. Having grown up speaking Cantonese, one of my personal pet peeves is seeing blotched translations when it comes to anything Chinese – Chinese movies/films with horribly translated captions.

In any case, even for those of you non-Cantonese speakers out there, this is worth a watch if you’re into the whole Wing Chun thing. I will warn you though, my “this is an elaborate marketing scheme” radar went off when I first saw this, so if it gives off the air that everything in this video paints a somewhat happy-go-lucky picture of Wing Chun, it is.

Come to think of it, it’s a documentary about Wing Chun, so of course they’re going to embellish things here and there.

– And…just because we’re talking about Wing Chun, why let us not see a clip from the Ip Man movie starring Donnie Yen.


Thought this was appropriate. Now if Nike were to run this ad.

Just Aikido It


3 thoughts on “Martial Discoveries: Chinese stuff

  1. That dude in the documentary does have mad WC skills. I’ve dabbled enough to appreciate them. However, it is a tad “biased”. 😉

    So is the Yen Ip Man clip. Awesome movie and one of the best fight scenes in a very long time. However, the movie-makers used that movie as an opportunity to beat up on Japan. It’s surprising how long cultures can hold grudges.

    1. Japan unlike Germany never came out in the open about what it did during WW2. If anything the government(s) of Japan in the past decades have become even more nationalistic – and subsequently more in denial – towards its past – something it’s formerly conquered neighbors China, Taiwan, and Korea have never appreciated and continue to hound them in various ways – such as in movies. So to me, it’s understandable that the Japanese keep on getting this treatment.

      If anything I’m sure the Japanese didn’t care whether the movies Ip man bashed them, they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing. It’s all very complicated and something that very few westerners will ever understand.

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