A Dragon’s tale for Valentine’s Day

Lost Love HorizonSo for those you who believe in it, Valentine’s Day was yesterday – and I spent it alone.

Not surprising, for many years past (with the exception of two years ago) I’ve spent this great holiday (*cough) without a significant other or at least a fling. It isn’t because I don’t care for the holiday or that I think that consumerism is overrated – it’s because I just never had the luck with the ladies. That or my timing was off.

So instead of crying to myself in front of the computer screen and being a wimp, I’ve decided to share a story of my recent “Valentine”. Although she has moved away from this area, I feel that this experience warrants a post because…well, I’ll let you read.


Just this past December I met a women at my retail work. It’s funny; I met her 5 minutes after seeing my previous conquest girl that I had a fling with walk around with her next man (note: it turned out that this girl had slept with a few male coworkers after me – but that’s not my problem).

In a fit of emotion that had a mix of jealousy, what-the-fuck-is-going-on, and other derogatory thoughts comments that would put this post in the NC-17 category, I came to the conclusion that this random girl was not worth any emotional response whatsoever. I decided right at that moment that I will get a new girl (shameless I know) and show her – and the world – that I am the best and will get a girl who is better and more deserving of me and my attention. And preferably a girl who was a lot more maturity than a college student in need of self-depreciation.

5 minutes later I met the “new” girl. Let’s call her Ms. Ikegami. She had came in to shop to buy some things for her Japanese clients. Not knowing what was going to happen next, I started making a pass on her – for the next hour until I got her number at the end of my shift. I continued to make passes on her for the next few days, resulting some low-key Christmas presents.

This lasted for the next 5 weeks.

She’s a 30 year old Japanese expat, working as a real-estate agency for a company that specialized in relocating Japanese nationals (among others) to the US and Canada. Small even compared to me, her 5’2″ frame betrayed the fact that she had a very lively personality – despite her having the stereotypical (but true) Japanese formality in her persona. I was at first frustrated with her stoic and rather rigid way of doing things, but the more I stayed at her place, the more it seemed I got use to things.

It was as if whenever I spent the night, there was a zen-like feeling that I would get the day afterward. Just being around her made me calm, though no necessarily productive! This was in great contrast to what I was use to dealing with some of my friends and family in the past where there would be constant tension.

She may have been the stereotypical Japanese girl mannerisms – wise, but I certainly didn’t care. It was fucking great, she was just so calm, funny, and rather quirky. Though weird at times, I realized it was just something that I had gotten use to. There was a sense of…comfortability that happened between the two of us. Can’t describe it so much as I can say it just felt very natural.

Now some of you might be wondering why did she move away? Or when? Well her company had decided before we had even met that she would transferred to their Los Angeles branch. Her last day here in the San Francisco area was January 28th. Knowing that this was going to happen, I promptly spoke with some friends about what to do.

However in the end I realized that, although it was only 5 hours that separated us, it was best to do just that: separate. A few reasons:

  • My previous relationships, all long distance, did not work out because if I were to have one, I would have to close. At the most around 1 hour driving distance.
  • In the past I’ve been known to be clingy with disastrous results. I think this was a good way to end things because it would give the two of us an uninhibited path to our futures.
  • After speaking to her, it was clear that neither of us were interested in a long distance relationship.

I guess in the end it somewhat worked out. We enjoyed each other’s company, yet were both sad that we had to leave. For Valentine’s Day, it just seemed that we weren’t…involved enough to send the usual stuff for this holiday. It certainly doesn’t feel that things changed much since she left; I’m still looking for a job, she’s doing the same job that she up here. I’m still living with my parents, She’s off working and traveling at the same time. The holiday just came and went; most likely for the better…

But still, things would certainly be very different had she stayed up here. I’m sure the thoughts are mutual. Those were some great times.

I’m still thinking about day I took her on a date to the shooting range. Now for those of you who don’t know, guns are extremely hard to get in Japan since there are strict gun laws there. Therefore, most of the civilian population has never held a firearm, much less even heard a gun shot before. This became very apparent when upon hearing gun shots for the first time she quite literally would jump and let out a yelp! I had the Glock 17 and its ammo ready and I had to take her out of the shooting lanes to calm her down. It was downright funny…but awesome since I got to do all the calming down thing. It worked out though; she got to shoot the Glock and didn’t jump or yelped at the gun shots. Regardless she grumbled to me at the end “I don’t like guns.” Ah fun times.

I found her with the initial intention of simply getting her number. What ended up happening was something a little deeper.


With that said, Happy belated Valetine’s.


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