The Loss of Fun

sandboxThis is a question for all my adult readers out:

As an adult, do you feel that you cannot be a kid again?

One of the things I didn’t have as a kid was the ability to be myself; what I mean by this is that I do not have – and was not able to – be in situations where I was able to utilize 100% of my energy. I’m talking about the times when you are in the sandbox, in the playground, in the swimming pool, in the gym, at the beach, etc. where you are just allowed to be as wild as crazy as your heart desires.

As an adult, are there even ways for you to be a kid again? Is there any avenue for you to just let your true self exist in the moment? I want to know because I have a feeling that when I do find it – I will find what I’m looking for.

*This post has been edited


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