An Unexpected Explosion

wuxia-knight 320x480A night ago something came inside of me while I was doing pull ups at a park near my house.

It was night and I was at my favorite coffee shop. I had gone into the dark, across the street and into this said park to do exercises in the kid’s jungle gym.

While alone in the dark, something (I guess) came up and while look up at the clear night sky (usually it’s cloudy in these parts) and seeing the constellation Orion among the others an incredible sensation came across my body and mind and suddenly like an emerging luminous being these words echoed across my body and mind.


Such a sensation that warped both my body and mind into one…god I couldn’t even begin to describe what was happening and what happened next.

All I can say is that it was nothing that I had felt before.

It was an empty park at 10pm at night, so I yelled out “Freedom!” three (3) times into the darkness. I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but whatever.


The drive home was like ecstasy – James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” was playing in my head. No sooner had the second tune struck, I heard a very loud “BOOM!” came from the back of my car.

Shit, my rear left tire had blown – so much for feeling good! But somehow the whole experience (which included 40 minutes of waiting for the tow truck to come – only to help me put the spare back on) was just a feel good experience.

My first flat (tire) of my life – and nothing bad came of it. In that past there was the horrendous habit of having negative thoughts coursing through my mind – not this time. Good; now that I’ve overcome that barrier, I wonder how well I will handle other “bad” things that come my way. *knocks on wood*.


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