Martial Discoveries: Successful Suffragettes and Swordsmen

In this edition of martial discoveries:


1.) Badass of the week ran this post about Edith Garrud – THE British women who was trained in Jujitsu and Baritsu and trained women bodyguards for the British suffragettes during their struggle for women voting rights (among other things).

This was kind of a problem for Edith Garrud, so from 1907 through 1914 she opened the doors of her ju-jitsu school to train Suffragettes to fight back, and I don’t mean in the non-violent Gandhi turn the other cheek way – I mean in the “any part of you that touches me is going to be detached from your body” sense.  Running her women-only training halls, she assembled a band of 30 hardcore women that she trained intensely in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and general badassery, equipped them with weapons and armor, and then assigned these “Ju-Jitsu Suffragettes” to serve as the personal bodyguard of a Suffragette leader named Emmeline Pankhurst.

~ Ben, from Badass of the Week

2.) As you know I’m interested in any article(s) pertaining to professional and personal success in life. So in my linkedin page, this one popped up and I thought I’d share it. What it really takes to Succeed by Jack Welch.


1. Taiwan’s last swordmaker. In a way it makes me a little sad that, in the rapidly modernized society of Taiwan, this guy has the very real danger of NOT passing down his experience. Kind of reminds me of the swordmakers of Japan.


2. You don’t hear many things (if any) of Indian martial arts. This video came up when I was searching “Wing Chun” on Youtube. Interesting…


And last but not least: Obama action figure, complete with samurai swords! Hell why not!

Obama action figure


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