Martial Discoveries: Fighting to the Top

In this edition of Martial Discoveries:


1.) I ran into this series on the blog An Honest Philosophy, run by a Muay Thai teacher. In this series of posts he addresses the issue of how to choose the right martial arts school for you. I wrote something similar regarding how to choose the best martial arts school for your child on my old blog. In any case, a lot of this stuff is awesome and worth a reflection. I especially stopped at this portion:

“What style should I do?” is probably the most common martial arts question I see (or some variation on it).

The problem is that it’s the wrong question. Styles are just labels we put on methods of practice. Not everyone teaches those styles the same, and while knowing what style someone teaches can help give you some educated guesses. ~ Part 2

Part 1, Part 2. I’m sure there will be more parts who keep an eye out!

2.) With the whole gun debate raging there is no shortage of opinions, usually galvanized. I’ve largely tried to stay out of it, with the exception of one of my recent posts. From Facebook I found this article on Cracked and found it so…unbiased that I realized that I’ve never read a more civilized discussion about guns and gun control than this article!

Is it possible that all of the power fantasies and tough talk and murder simulators that pacify the rest of us have a different effect on these guys? And that the occasional horrific mass shooting is just the price we have to pay for a system that does a damn good job of keeping the rest of us on the sofa?

3. I found this article on my Twitter feed a few days ago. It really brings into question how we train. Do we train to effective? (ofcourse!). Or do we train to be efficient, especially with our movement? The article states that if one were to focus on effectiveness, efficiency will follow. If it is the other way around, one would be so preoccupied to be “efficient” that they won’t get to be effective. The most educational thing that I got from this article was that I realized that in my personal life, this mantra is indispensable; I recognized how having the “trail by error” approach is most of the time the ideal approach to life.

What happens is this: they’ll start doing something, realize that their chosen path is “too slow” and then switch to another process… and another, and another – the net effect is inefficiency, and ineffectiveness.

Sometimes, it’s better to just dive in and do something the slow but proven way rather than to try to make it more effective at the get-go. Another common symptom is where people are stuck in a never-ending learning loop, absorbing and compiling information to do things highly effectively, rather than trying them out first.

Whitewashing in Hollywood
Above are six characters from six movies that utilized white actors in characters that were from society in Asia.

4.) Hollywood is making a movie about the Bruce Lee fight with Wong Jack Man! Now lets hope that they don’t hire white actors to play Bruce and Mr. Wong!


1.) Now for a little *tear-jerking* moments. A 23 year old MMA fighter…who has Down syndrome. Enough said. The video is below. Enjoy!


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