Martial Discoveries: Meditating on the death of a Sensei

In this edition of Martial Discoveries:

1.) Thanks to Bob from Striking Thoughts for this gem. This is an interview that the great bum of a martial artist Seagal gave on the Russian Times. Courtesy goes to Aikido Journal.

2.) Found this article on Facebook on some research done by researchers at UC Santa Barbara and was posted by the NY Times.

After two weeks, the students were re-evaluated for mind-wandering and working memory capacity and given another version of the G.R.E. reading comprehension section.

The nutrition group’s results did not change.

The group that took mindfulness training, however, mind-wandered less and performed better on tests of working memory capacity and reading comprehension. For example, before the training, their average G.R.E. verbal score was 460. Two weeks later, it was 520.

3.) Being a guy that gets a kick out of sports, this comes as no surprise almost – since anything involving competition always comes with a risk of injury. But here these are kids that we’re talking about. Personally, any child under 15 should not be allowed to compete unless under direct parental permission. Thanks to BigWOWO for this article coming out of Japan.

Dr. Robert Nishime, chairman of sports medicine for USA Judo, the sport’s federation, is a Japanese-American who has spoken to victims’ families. He said that the Japanese cultural trait of not giving up, called gaman, might explain why a concussion, which can be subtle, could be played down by the instructor or the child. The danger is that another head trauma soon after the initial injury can cause “second impact syndrome,” which can be devastating.


1.) More on how meditation can change your brain:

2.) This issue kind of hits home: Is ADHD real? This newscast definitely includes how the “symptoms” of ADHD can (and have been) misdiagnosed in the name of the doctors getting money from pharmaceuticals.


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