Martial Discoveries: Defending Thyself from…

In this edition of martial discoveries:


1.) A US Navy Female sailer defeats a rapist in Dubai. A million things wrong in this situation. Just glad that the lady gave the asshole a good ass-whooping (or scissor kick, whatever your preference may be)!

Prosecutors said that she knocked the knife from his hand, broke it in two, bit him in the hand, forced him to the ground and locked him between her thighs, the Daily Mail reports.

2.) Now this is news! Fox News critizing Time magazine for linking Tamerian Tsarnaev’s time in boxing to his motives for unleashing the chaos. I’m just surprised to find that Fox news is actually making a rational statement for once! Note: I couldn’t find the article from TIME, but I did find something similar from CNN here.

“Boxing, and football, have been related to brain damage in the past, but none of the boxers or NFL players who committed suicide did so by killing innocent eight-year-olds in a crowded public square. The analogy doesn’t pass elementary school logic.”

3.) Now moving on to more sane articles, Michael Joyce from Combative Corner did an interview with Eva Torres – you the WWF (now WWE) hottie who’s a gymnast, model, wrestler, USC grad, dancer, and martial artist. Forgive the audio and video, I had no luck with it but hopefully some of you will get a good rendition of it.

4.) Last but definitely not least, check this recent example of why it doesn’t take martial arts to know how to defend yourself. I’m also extremely proud because it looks like the “victim” (the nage?) is young and young people (<35) have a reputation of being submissive during hostile confrontations. An example of how martial arts is sometimes not needed in defending yourself.

According to police, the victim was approached moments later by two black males in a black four door sedan. The victim told police that the driver of the car said, “give me my gun back and I’ll give you your phone that you dropped.”

An NOPD spokesman says the intended victim declined to return the shotgun back to the robber, but instead used the weapon to strike and knock out the rear windshied (sic) of the vehicle. Police say the two suspects fled on Frenchmen to St. Claude and then to parts unknown. (From


It seems that Bob from Striking Thoughts beat me to the punch for this, but here is the video of the above incident in New Orleans.

I’ll finish off with some humor that hopefully we all appreciate…

What do martial artists do?


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