Philosophy: The Art of Being Alone


There are many times during the week that I spend time alone. Since I don’t work full time, most of my days are spent alone at cafes typing at this blog, checking Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail excessively.

There are times that I find these times refreshing – I am an introvert after all – but there are times when the need for human companionship starts knocking on my door.

Part of floating away into my own space is to reenergize – and to reflect on my deeds of life. What I mean is “alone time” is a great way to look back at actions after the fact.

It’s not exciting, but it does the trick.

Alone time can be good, or lonely. But honestly, I’d much rather be lonely than be with people who make me alone (that’s a Robin Williams quote). I have many quirks that make people want to…give me some distance.

That’s putting it nicely, but I don’t want to spill too much of myself (just yet).

With that in mind, alone time nowadays is a good way of really feeling, being, and immersing myself in myself. It is during these times that my habits that make me a “hard” person to get along in social settings are brought into full light and therefore I may make the necessary changes.

So alone time should not be avoided – you may come across some life alternating realization during those times. Embrace those alone times.


4 thoughts on “Philosophy: The Art of Being Alone

      1. youtube “how to be alone” by Andrea Dorfman, sould be the first video anyway. cheers. Also, i like how it takes like 2 weeks for us to respond to each other lol.

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