Philosphy: Role Models

Resident-Evil-6-Leon-leon-kennedy-32386389-640-576Leon Scott Kennedy (Resident Evil Video game series).

– Amazing skills of ingenuity; time and time again he is thrown into situations in which he has no prior knowledge of and yet he is able to come out on top.

– Is able to operate alone; his professional career is littered with situations where he is forced to face legions of enemies by himself.

– He is a one-man army fighting against an enemy that has near unlimited resources.

– He has a dry sense of humor, yet is able to flirt shamelessly with the opposite sex.

– Not a leader by nature, yet he has shown great aptitude of taking command of people in crisis situations; this is due to his commanding presence and healthy dose of self-confidence that is spoken through his actions rather than his words.


I had just gotten off the phone with a very cousin of mine. The conversation started with him critiquing my resume (he’s a casino VP earning more money than 6 of my relatives put together) but it ended up going through how to grow up, how (not) to make mistakes, and having role models, among other things.

Although the whole conversation is worth more weight than gold, I’ve decided that due to my short memory of these sort of things to focus on that one in particular: fictional role models.

Particularly of the TV variety; his point was that sometimes it’s helpful to grab traits from fictional characters. Characters who you want to emulate in your own life. Characters who you want to bring out of yourself – to be the best of yourself.


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