Everyday is a New Day

yohji yamamoto_the color black
Yes, I like the black for these reasons – and it is true for my personality. No it is not my favorite color (it’s blue).

One of the things that I am grateful about my life right now is that almost everyday, I have an epiphany about something and/or someone in my life. Everyday is a new day where there are sudden realizations regarding the old and new, the past and the present and the future as well.

Realizations have included:

  • My “role” as the son in the family
  • The role my parents played in my life – or lack of one.
  • How my past choices have shaped who I am today
  • How my mistakes, however conscious or not have propelled me in certain directions
  • My habits that have dictated my positive – and negative actions.
  • However Aikido has changed my life emotionally and personally
  • Why I keep on making the same mistakes (always a bad one!)

A lot of these have personal, things that have mattered in my day to day life in past and present, so I don’t feel comfortable yet telling the world what they are. However, one thing that I will share is my “place” in my immediate life.

I have always been a rambunctious child, and throughout my life I was in denial of it. I was thoroughly convinced that being rambunctious was equated to being a “bad child” (whatever that means).

Now as an adult, I’ve come to actualize that perhaps maybe, just maybe, that this quality of mine – along with a host of others, that were thought to be “evil”, “useless”, or a “liability” – are now actually beneficial to me.

I’ve come to accept that these qualities are ones that I will need to train and bring into actualization my journey to be successful in my life.


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