Martial Discoveries: Girl Power

In this edition of martial discoveries


ladyweapons_brassknuckles_article1.) Found this gem regarding gadgets of self defense that us men could buy our ladies. Courtesy of Maxim:

For the woman who spends a lot of time starring in rap videos, it can be tricky to strike the balance between rocking some fashionable bling, and meting out street-style justice to all who stand in her way. That’s why this elegant, yet terrifying cluster of faux-diamond rings is specifically designed to let her break a man’s cheekbone without breaking a nail. If you like it, put a ring on it. If you really like it, make sure it’s encased with weaponized cubic zirconia. (see picture)

2.) An exclusive interview of the reigning “Queen of Karate”: Rika Usami by the blog KARATEbyJesse. I’ll show the video below (which is amazing). But here’s an interview that was done before her kata that was done in Paris of last year.

KARATEbyJesse: Speaking of people around you, can you tell me about your sensei? What is it about your master that makes him so special?

RikaUsami: “You mean Inoue sensei? Well, first of all, he teaches me not only the physical aspects of Karate, but he also helps me improve my mental abilities. It’s the spiritual aspect. Also, the main thing that separates Inoue sensei from other instructors is that, unlike many masters, he spends a lot of individual time together with me, to make sure I understand each ‘waza’ (technique) very clearly, practising together with me for long hours.”



1.) Rika Usami video at Paris of 2012 (did I say great video?)

2.) An interesting post by a Kung Fu teacher from Chicago. Freddie Lee posts his views on Aikido. He has his own school out in there, as well being a member of the Combative Corner blogging site (his bio is on the upper right hand corner).

3.) A great video regarding Randori, this time hailing from Russia. Courtesy of Aikido Journal.

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