Martial Musings: Dos Santos vs. Hunt.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Mark Hunt 2013I was watching this fight with my cousin at a local bar a couple of days ago. After watching this, seeing Dos Santos’s victory over Mark Hunt  brought me back to something that I want to concentrate on in my martial arts career.

Speed beats power. All the time.

If you were to watch the actual fight, any competent martial artist will notice that although Mark Hunt has a killer punch, Dos Santos had the uncanny ability of recovering from losing his step and keeping his distance from Hunt’s punches.

It was almost comical to watch Mark Hunt try and kick Dos Santos, then losing his balance while Dos Santos would simply move out of the way.

I was brought back to how speed and power often trumps power by itself. For some reason I was brought back to how the Japanese won the Battle of the Yalu River way back in the Sino-Japanese War.

Huh? Yes I just did make a reference back in history – that is connected to a random MMA fight in the 21st century (bear with me here).

From what I have heard and read, one of the main reasons why the Japanese won that battle was because of their hardware; the Chinese had larger guns but were slower to reload (not to mention shitty ammunition). The Japanese on the other hand, had smaller but faster loading guns. They also had better trained crews and better ammunition.

I feel sorry for Mark Hunt. But, if you just watched a video you can see that almost the very beginning Dos Santos knew what he was getting himself into and have prepared according. Mark Hunt was powerful as he was, simply relied on the one thing that he was good at – which was also the one thing that his opponent had prepared for.

The End.


One thought on “Martial Musings: Dos Santos vs. Hunt.

  1. Shoulder roll to hook punch.

    And look at how he was following up after that wheel kick, ready with that left hand. He had his bread and butter techniques honed to perfection.

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