Training Journal: June 1st

water dragonIt was Jo time. We’re doing staff free form when this happened. Here I was suppose to have the stick go towards Sensei’s left knee as part of a free form practice with a partner. This was a piece of the conversation that I had with him (paraphrased).

Sensei: Fast&FuriousDrew, your primary element is water – triple water – which makes you adaptable and creative, but it also makes you unable to focus on the moment and have the tendency to go all over the place. I want you to keep focused on the stick and keep going towards me.

…(I finish the movement)…

Sensei:…in Aikido you’re here to create your strengths to new levels, but you must also be able to create a wood person, a metal person, a fire person. Not just a water person…

He’s talking about the whole 5 elements thing.


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