Training: Bringing out your true Self

Gundam_Wing_G_KnightsI’m sure this is relevant in all martial arts – or any great personal journey as well, but my journey in Aikido has crossed into the realm of where I have been able to bring out my own personal “qualities”.

I suppose it’s the non-competitive nature of Aikido, combined with my Sensei’s applied knowledge of O’Sensei’s teachings that has made the dojo’s environment  a place where one’s innate qualities can come out.

Or…perhaps that finally my athletic talent has been able to come out? I don’t know, but whatever it is; 5 years of training have finally culminated to these past few months where my self-awareness is at levels where I could only have dreamed off at age 23.

I forgot which sports great said this, but: Sports itself does not build character, it reveals it. 

Oh so true, especially in martial arts. The body does not lie – ever! (Sensei’s words). I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had a bad day and/or I’ve had too much activity in the head and my performance on the mat has revealed it – still do on many occasions!


So what are my qualities; my “character”?

Whenever my “self” isn’t thinking too much or mulling over the past, I’m your typical ADD – balls to the wall adrenaline junkie who doesn’t mind getting bruised if it means bedding the prom queen at the end of the day (within reasonable time).

I absorb a lot of information in my immediate surroundings – much to the chagrin of my attention span.

More on this later…


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