Training Update: Uncooperative Partners Pt.3

*Update*: So I just got word that “Bob” – the oh so colorful character that I’ve included in some past posts regarding his behavior at the dojo – has now left.

Unceremoniously of course.

I wasn’t there to see it, but an old timer said that he saw the whole exchange and described it as “tense”. Bob hadn’t been there for 5 minutes before Sensei caught him and after a brief (but blunt I’m sure) conversation Bob left.

In all honesty, good fucking riddance

This old timer also stated that Bob was the main reason why people stopped coming to the Friday night class. Jeez…I remember all those times I noticed how even the black belts avoided Bob and his ex-wife – my Sensei told me privately that they were trying to “work things out”. Whatever that means…

His ex-wife has the same problem; an inflated ego clinging on the remnants of a shodan that she earned in the 70s. A shodan that she never continually trained in since then. However, I’m somewhat relieved to say that she’s doing noticeably better than her ex-husband in those regards.

I honestly didn’t mind him there – it’s just that I never paired up with him on the mat if given the choice. Also in these matters I just deferred these issues to either one of my Sensei. I guess I’m very flexible and confident in that I can handle most weird people my way. That and if the situation arises when I have to deal with a lot of ego, I don’t mind returning the favor.

I am so bad

Shit Happens


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