Testing for Black Belt, Pt. 1

hakama black beltSo I’ve been nominated to test for my 1st degree black belt in December of this year.

Actually Sensei asked my back in January, but since asking another 1st kyu to test, the word has made rounds in the dojo.

I don’t what to make of this. I admit that since coming to the dojo 5 years ago (it’ll be 5 years this August), I’ve had the black belt in mind. However, I’ve gone through several stages where I’ve come to the conclusion that although it is something to be revered and excited about, I’m honestly not that *enthusiastic* about it.

I use to be the gung-ho kyu test taker with the intention of “blowing through” all the tests to reach black belt as soon as possible. It was almost a competition to see how fast I can do something It wasn’t until (some of you may remember) the event where I was unceremoniously booted out of the dojo by the black belts because of some ego-trippin’. Don’t worry, I didn’t piss of my two Sensei  – that’s what counts in the end.

That was in 2011 – now fast forward to now where I’m at the pinocle of the first step of myself as an Aikidoka. The drama that happened two years ago is over (for the most part).

Also after 5 years, I believe I’m slowly coming to some realizations of what might be the reason(s) why I’ve stayed at my dojo for so long – I hope to find out what they are soon.


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