Martial Discoveries: Seagal Doing the Panda Dance

A child’s rendition of Seagal Sensei’s dancing

Some cool videos that I found here. I’m sure Bob from Striking Thoughts will appreciate this one!

1.) Seagal does the Panda dance! On a recent trip to Chechnya promoting international diplomacy – that unfortunately does not involve kicking terrorists in the sack.


2.) An excellent example of how talking down a suspect into surrender is better direct violence in some situations. Kudos to the teacher!

Heber, who teaches science, is known as a well-liked teacher at the school, according to his father, David Heber. He is himself a graduate of Taft, where he played football and served as student body president.

David Heber wasn’t surprised that his son played a key role in defusing the situation, saying Ryan Heber makes a point of getting to know his students — including the suspected gunman — on a personal level.


3.) Although the situation is rather staged, still the skill is rather impressive.


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