Time Traveling, Pt.1

Young coupleIt’s hard to imagine a time without Aikido. One of the reasons why I say this because today I found myself looking at photos of my ex-girlfriends of years past.

Many of them – in fact all them – were in my life before the level of martial proficiently that I am at now in the art.

I guess you can say I’ve kept Aikido out of their lives. Our lives as a couple. And I don’t know why.

I guess because Aikido is way too special to me. Sort of like another lover? No, the art in of itself not so much, but I suppose the lifestyle is. I guess I have this preconceived notion that a lot of girls just don’t understand a man’s devotion to a martial art and how much that art (and his masters) have influenced him into the man who he is.

This also stems from my natural ability to hide things – to keep things a secret. Until the appropriate time that is. I’m a fairly guarded person, I usually wait a little bit (after intimacy and all) until I tell a girl what she *needs* to know.

In regards to martial arts, it seems the girls who I’ve dated don’t seem to appreciate what it means to me, my life, lifestyle, and approach to life. Not just to Aikido, but also my desire to learn from different martial arts just for the hell of it. Maybe I’ve been dating the wrong girls? Quite possibly…

What I will admit straight away is that my passion for martial arts is unappreciated by those in my life at the moment.

Which means I need to find a new group to chill with. I hope that time will come soon.


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