Martial Discoveries: What kind of Man are You?

Be Water My Friend
Be water my friend ~ Bruce Lee

Now in Aikido we aren’t about competition or sparring, however there is a magic about what happens in my dojo that shows who a person is.

My Sensei seems to be able to drop a lot of allusions of how I move to who I am as a person, as a man. All a little creepy and flattering at the same time.

But that makes sense, how our body moves is a reflection of what is going on in our minds, in our spirit. It is in Aikido I’ve learned that trusting your body movement is much more accurate than trusting what goes on in your head.

Back to Sensei, not too long ago he asked me some information regarding my zodiac (the sign that I was born under, etc.). When I told him, he suddenly had a clarity clearance; “Ah, so that explains why you move the way you do.” and walked off to tend to the other students.

So the way I moved was so obvious to the point where my Sensei connected 3 dots to realize who I was? Damn that’s impressive – if not like I mentioned earlier, a little scary.


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