Summer Job

So I’ve taken up a temp construction job helping out a friend from the dojo. I just came back from the first day. He had me and two other guys remodel a small apartment.

This is my first construction job EVER.

Lots of physical work (which I don’t mind). Several personal anecdotes:

  • The reason why I picked up this job is because other than my retail job, I have never broken into a “real job” for almost 2 years. I figured this will be a good “warm up” for any job in the future.
  • This is also the first job where it would be close to a full time (~32 hours) position in almost two years. My retail job never exceeded an average of 15 hours/week. Change of pace.
  • Just after the first day, I realized that this job required a lot of skill – most importantly of which is the ability to intuitively know what do in relation to what the other guy is doing. Not I’ve only done one day, so we’ll see if this holds
  • Humor is a must. It’s not a choice – it’s a MUST (particularly the dirty kind).
  • However probably the most important anecdote was the one that came to me as I was driving back home today. I realized that for the first time I would be in a situation where I would be emotionally autonomous.


the stage of lifeOn that last one, what did I mean? Some of you might ask…isn’t a retail position somewhat autonomous itself?

My answer to the second question is no (there are cliques that you can form while on the job that help you and you can always call your manager for help).

After the first day I’m realizing that I need to bring out my “big boy/man” side of myself. The portion that I never had to – and was never able to – to bring out until just today. I never had to rely on myself to do things – everything was told to me, or was simple enough for me to just stand there and goof off half the time (retail).

This subject deserves a post in of itself. Oh well, off to the second day.


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