Martial Musings: The True Killer

Breaking the bad

I’ve come to the realization that it is not punches, kicks, or physical damage that can totally and truly destroy a man; it is the silent, persistent, and deadly use of negativity, ignorance, and insidious language that can drain and destroy a man’s spirit.

…to the point where the punches and kicks are only the finishing blow.

Sticks and stones may break your bones but words don’t? (a popular statement back in my elementary school days).

Bullshit; at least with punches, kicks, sticks, and stones and you always punch back/throw them back and not give a damn if they get hurt. Words eat away at your soul – especially if they come from people who “care” about you. Now that hurts a lot more – and stays with you – much longer than any punch to the face.


3 thoughts on “Martial Musings: The True Killer

  1. Very very very true. That’s one reason that I finally (reluctantly) came to understand that true martial arts go beyond the physical aspects of self-defense. The most important aspects take place in the mind.

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