Martial Musings: Bruce Lee and Continuing the Great Journey

Bruce and Brandon LeeI can’t sleep, it’s 3:30am here, and I feel like someone’s (or something) is in the room with me. Whatever

So Bruce Lee passed away 40 years ago yesterday. Guess I should have written something yesterday. But in start off, Bruce Lee’s legend is to put it simply: immortal. Some 40 years after his death his philosophies and way of life (example) have been an example to emulate for millions of people.

Such as myself

My devotion (almost to the point of fan boy-ism) to this legend began while in Aikido; one of my main Sensei, being a sansei (3rd generation Japanese American) uses Bruce Lee’s philosophies from time to time to explain some of the things in Aikido.

Well it grew, grew, and grew from there

Bruce Lee to me represents more than just the great martial artist who could beat the living shit out of anyone. He was more than just some great movie actor who can woo millions with charisma. He is to me:

  1. A great human being
  2. A great example of manliness (particularly for the men of Asian descent)
  3. A great example of being a father and husband
  4. A great example of life long learning
  5. A great example of a do-er, an actualizer
  6. And of course, the ultimate example of a human being who lived life to the fullest, without regrets (as few as possible), and didn’t allow anything to stand in their way, including themselves.

Thank you Bruce, may your example light the way for those who wish to actualize themselves and make the world a brighter place.


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