Martial Musings: Epiphany on having a Full Life

sea-and-beach-sunset-on-the-beachI’m starting to slowly realize that having a “full life” isn’t something that is accomplished, gotten,  a “top of the mountain” goal, or having a certain career for that matter…

It is a daily choice on how you conduct yourself as a human being, a friend, husband (wife), boyfriend (girlfriend), sibling, co worker, boss, leader, mentor, etc.

Having a full life is not having a certain career, instead it is how you conduct yourself in the career that you are in, whether it’d be a construction worker, teacher, military, police, martial artist, painter, artist (in general), lawyer, general office dweller, whatever.

It is only when we are living fully in our present experience, are we able to move on to better ones and change the “scenery”. Dare I say, only then are we able to choose to move on.


Now if only I can move on to an actual career, move out of the parentals, and have my journey of self-actualization move a little faster.


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