7 Lessons learned from Construction Work

Luckily I was not this bad...
Luckily I was not this bad…
  1. I don’t mind physical labor
  2. However, I daydream after a while (2 hours) and the work becomes extremely monotonous
  3. I’m very good with fine finger/tactile movement. In fact, it gives me high to “feel” the texture of a surface and to feel the end product of my work.
  4. I tend to be discouraged easily if something doesn’t go my way the first time around. Example: early in my 5 weeks was when I was taking out a piece of frame for a sliding door. It was metal and it was screwed on pretty tight on one end and I realized I had to pull the sucker out. I tried several times, but it didn’t come out. I dropped the metal frame in frustration and I pondered whether tell my foreman to help me out. For 10 long minutes I sat there pondering like an idiot. Then I don’t know what came to me but I just started pulling at it again, but this time with more force and umph. Then suddenly, the thing popped. Lesson here: Work smart and keep at it!
  5. I lacked self confidence in my own ingenuity. Many times during the 5 weeks at various sites I often had to ask my foreman (much to their chagrin) to help out with tasks that required nothing more than some muscle power and persistence. A lot of these tasks I realized afterward I could have done them myself with – again – some muscle power and persistence.
  6. I’ve learned more about what really motivates me to try new things and the difference between a “curiosity” and a “path”. I am in general a very curious kid at heart, and will try *most* things at least once. However, I will grow tired and restless pretty quickly if the job/career proves to be not my fit. In this case, it was 4 weeks in.
  7. Construction work is not for me. Yep; in total I spent 5 weeks on the job.

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