Japan Expo: 1st Impact – August 23 – 25th, 2013

2013_JapanExpoHere’s the link to the event

My martial arts school was invited to participate in the Japan Expo that weekend in my hometown.

It was an exciting endeavor on many levels; Japanese culture, anime, movies, art, weapons, beautiful girls, beautiful girls in custom (cosplay), more beautiful girls (you see where I’m going here).

With that said, for each of the three days that I was there, my Aikido dojo did two 30 minute demos. Now it was far from perfect; there was no mic – which meant we had to compete with the rock concert-like presentations just next door. Secondly I didn’t think Sensei liked large crowds.

…and thirdly I got a good verbal reprimand from Sensei in the middle of a demo!

Embarrassing to say the least. I was doing a knife demo and apparently I was getting sloppy because (JWS doesn’t know this) I had an idea what a knife attack was: wildly swing of the knife aimed at certain points of the body for maximized damaged. After a quick realization that this wasn’t practical in a demo I quickly though a slower, more “block able” approach was sufficient. Needless to say what came out was (what Sensei later called) a “lack of presence and intention” in the attack.

The biggest disappointment was that he called me out in front of an audience! I had butterflies for 2 hours afterward. I had felt that bad in a long time.

…the feeling was so bad that when he sat down next to me at the dining area (the exhibition had a dinning area for workers and exhibitors) that I actually asked him what he meant by “lack of presence and intention”

I know, I followed my fear and asked him what the hell he meant by that. Well, 30 minutes later I was back into our second demo and left with a mark that still stands with me today.

More on that later – because I’m still processing what happened during that weekend. I can only tell you that my technique, presence, intention, and goal in Aikido has changed.

Until then enjoy this small collage that I made from some of the pictures that I took. Yes, there were a lot of girls wearing skimpy clothing (I’m single so go figure). And yes, I did enjoy myself.

The middle picture was the banner that was on my dojo's booth.
The middle picture was the banner that was on my dojo’s booth.

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