My Aikido Journey, Part 3 – My Instructors

Master Shifu Kung Fu Panda

This is JWS. Short in stature, chatty yet quiet, with the air that he’s a little aloof some of the time (okay, most of the time – sorry Sensei!). His height and frame belays the skill that he has in Aikido. The stare that you see above is the stare that he usually gives when he feels you need an ass-whooping. By far the Sensei that I have spent the most time with. 


And this is NSS. Everyday I train with him, I always have to ask myself “Do I feel lucky?” And he doesn’t (have to) use a gun either. All he does is give me a good one stroke of ass-whooping and I’m left with the feeling that I got the gold medal in being on the receiving end of a 6-shooter. 

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