#SHITSENSEISAYS – Words of (Personal?) Wisdom

Master ShifuHe was at it again last week – or so it seemed. Every month it seemed that every time I came to training he’d be talking about me or whatever current situation I’d be having at the time in my life. It was eerie – uncanny

Yet so fucking true!

I can’t begin to tell any of you how weird it felt; just how many “Was he just talking about [insert life event]?” I don’t know if any martial artists here have had the same experience, but have any of your Sensei/Sifu/Master/Soru just talk about something unrelated and it was a proverbial hit on the head?

My Sensei would be talking some involving Superman (he’s a big collector of Superman, Green Lantern, and Batman) or whatever superhero he’d be talking about and it’d actually be the solution to whatever the hell I was wrestling with at that time.


For example last Wednesday: I was doing Shihonage with one of the shodans and after seeing how weird my movement was, he turned to me and said something along the lines of:

“You’re not putting your heart into it. You have to put your heart into the movement. It’s like anything in life; you might be able to experience something, but if your heart is not into it, it’ll pass you by – you also won’t get what you want.”

That’s paraphrased, but holy shit was he on the dot! It’s a running joke in the dojo that he’s clairvoyant, but it’s weird for me to feel (think?) it might be about the one thing that’s wresting me in my heart at the moment.

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