The Best Birthday So Far


Yesterday was my 28th birthday.

  1. I may be still stuck with my parents. But now I understand more about why they are who they are, and why I should NOT fall victim to the same pitfalls that plagued their marriage and their lives.
  2. I may have had the fewest number of people post “Happy Birthday” greetings on my Facebook wall, but I have never been so proud of those who did (and emailed and texted).
  3. I may have lost a great chance at love, but…well that’s still TBA.
  4. I got a new job, which is slowly becoming a chore, but I’m hopeful for the future.
  5. I have destroyed numerous relationships and friendships, all because I was not honest to myself and my feelings towards the world, yet I am hopeful that from this day forward, I will not take any of my feelings for granted.
  6. I’m still torn between 3 different possible careers.
  7. The only thing I absolutely must have – and will not compromise, is my true self. That is a priority and will never be sacrificed again for petty reasons.
  8. I will become well off – not just financially, but also emotionally, spiritually, and personally.
  9. I will stop at nothing to accomplish what I want in life

Happy Birthday to me!


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