Fast & Furious Drew, I am

Today the epiphany came to me that I’ve always loved planes since I was a child.

No, not the “local bulk cruiser” mind you – I’ve talking about these kinds of planes:

Fighter Jets

It came to me a couple days ago while being bored at work. You see to keep my entertained (and sane) between calls I have a tab dedicated to machines – fighter jets, cars, motorcycles, etc. It dawned on me that throughout my childhood I’ve always had a fascination with planes – and the adrenaline¬†of imagining that I was hurling through the sky at incredible speeds.

My train of thought (all this while at work!) then continued to the question of which situations gave me the most gratification of being “alive”. It was then – on my swivel chair of boredom and madness – that I realized I’m a closet adrenaline junkie.

That’s right, for my entire life I thought I was a normal “nobody”.

It’s like I’m at peace again. There’s a certain amount of calmness (and craziness and mayhem) whenever I fire up my jets and go from 0-300 mph in 3 seconds flat.

Metaphorically speaking of course

Jesus, where have I been all these pass 20 years?

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