Being Thankful

This will probably be me today.

I’ve never been a thankful person. 
There I said it.

Was it because I was around people who were never thankful? Probably. I guess thought it is now out of my inability to voice myself in a coherent way all these years. 

Did I feel like shit sometimes? Oh yes,  but not as much as whenever I was around my family.

You see,  I’ve always been alittle jealous of the people who would go to their families for the holidays and NOT have to deal with emotionally draining relatives.

Imagine the Dursley family from the Harry Potter book (the movie doesn’t them justice). Now add in healthy doses of bitchiness and soul sucking, vampric negativity and you get the 16 or so people (parents included) that make up this group that I’ve had to deal with for the past 15 or so Thanksgivings.

Therefore I’m going to spend this one alone.

Nope,  not even with friends.  This is because I’ve been a terrible friend all these years. At this point in my life I come to accept that alot of my past mistakes have cost me dearly in that area of my life. Now I could blame it on my family,  but I’m too old for that.

Besides, I will be damned of I let the Dursleys influence my life any further.

There is something I’m very thankful for that I’d like to share with you.  I feel this is a great word of caution to those who find themselves in the same situation. Happy Thanksgiving to you all,  I hope that you spend it with people who care, love, and propel to your highest potentials.

I am thankful for realizing this: you should never sacrifice who you are, your goals, and your dreams just to placate people(s) who are controlling, negative, unappreciative, and dominating, and only wish to turn you (conciuosly or not) into versions of themselves.

Never. Because fuck them. Life is too short

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