The Dragon Within

cropped-hq-wallpapers-dragons-2.jpgSome of you may have read this post back in September.
Well I’ll be honest the only thing that’s different for that situation is that I’ve applied to the police academy in my hometown.

I’m not too excited to be a policeman, nor am I too excited to go into the military if that is the path that I choose.¬†Despite all the confusion of having no guidance – I realize that the only person that can make the big decision – that is myself.

Also despite all the confusion, I’ve come to finally actualize what I must do in my life. I call this the “dragon” – my life’s purpose. Here I am sitting in a coffee shop after my 1 hour “core day” at the gym wondering what my “endgame” is (which one of my career choices I should go with) when it silently growled.

For over 20 years I knew I wanted to live a different and better life than my parents. But it was only now that I’ve begun to have a clear “channel” to this dragon.

Which path I will end up taking (if any of the above paths at all), I don’t know. But what I know now is who to listen to.

2 thoughts on “The Dragon Within

    1. Rick – No you’re right, I am all over the place. Blame it on the fact that I was never able to hold anything down for the past 15 or so years. What I’m doing now is that I’m casting my line in multiple directions, hoping to get something. I’m finding out though that I’m overextending myself in not so good ways.

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